Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What do ya mean I can't be up here?

As if digging a hole under the fence and frolicking through the neighborhood wasn't enough mischief today, Calvin decided he needed to stand in the window frame so that he could get a better view of the neighbors. Only with a face like that can he get away with snooping and staring.

Heart Attack Man!

O.k., I didn't really have a heart attack but I almost did (metaphorically speaking). I was sitting at my computer and I hear a mans voice saying "Are those your dogs? Someones dogs are out". I knew that the handy man was painting the doors so all I could think was that the dogs must have snuck into the house and then snuck out an open door. So I ran downstairs and sure enough the handy man + a neighbor are standing outside watching Calvin + Toni dart back + forth between the neighbors yards.

This is not the first time either dog has escaped but it was the first time they escaped from the new house. So I did what any sane person would do and started shouting "Hot Dog" at the top of my lungs. Thank God the 2 little devils came running right into the house. Unfortunately, I didn't have any hot dogs for them but they did get some cheese.

It turns out that they had dug a hole under the fence. So now wire mesh will need to be added to the bottom of the 6 foot stockade fence. Since the dogs couldn't go back outside and they couldn't stay inside (as the doors were still wet + had no locks) they got banished to the basement with bully sticks. So the little devils had a pretty good day and are safe + sound with full little bully bellies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BRAT Convention!

Here are some cute photos of Toni (pink tee) and Calvin (blue tee) taken at the dog park visit during the BRAT convention. Toni + Calvin did excellent at the park. Calvin even had a little rainbow love connection. ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Footage of Basenjis in the 1930's + 1950's


This website has some cool old footage taken of basenjis.
1930's footage:
1950's footage:

Click here to learn about some cool historical facts about 'senjis!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


[Translated from Yodelish to English using the Basenji Translator 500]

something horrible happened to me yesterday. mom was eating her food and it smelled real good. she had rice and cheese and chicken and beans. she also had these red thing in with the rice. mom ate everything but the red things which she pushed to the corner of her plate. i was thinkin' mom is so nice, she must be leaving these red things for me. so i jumped up and took em. boy did mom yell at me.

the red things tasted ok at first and then it was just horrible. my mouth felt all funny like you know when the sun is really bright and your body gets so warm you hafta go sit in the shade? well my mouth felt like that. i tried to rub my face on the rug but that horrible feeling in my mouth wouldn't go away. and then my belly started to hurt. i felt just awful. mom called the vet and then they were laughing at me. when mom got off the phone she said i would be ok and kept calling me her little chili pepper whatever that means.

so if you see any food that smells good and is red -- DONT EAT IT!!!
it will make your mouth and tummy feel horrible.

from mr calvin cuddles

p.s. mom told me to tell you people that brat has a new blog and my picture is on it . i got a stupid blue shirt on. mom said to scroll down - whatever that means - to see me. my sister versace is also on the blog - she is licking her nose.