Sunday, March 20, 2011

Acute Mudpuddleitis

It is with great sadness that I must inform you that poor little Toni developed a case of acute mudpuddleitis yesterday. Mudpuddleitis is a very very serious affliction that effects 1 out of 200 basenjis every spring. It is typically brought on when the basenji is on a walk and is not paying attention and falls sideways into a giant mud puddle. Primary symptoms of the disease include the basenji loosing the ability to move any limb that has become covered in mud. Secondary symptoms include the basenji having a stupefied look on their face and/or screaming or pathetic crying. In extreme cases such as Toni's the mud covered hind leg was completely withdrawn into the body and the remaining 3 legs became stiff and she suffered a temporary paralysis.
Treatment: The only known treatment for mudpuddleitis is a combination therapy of generous pets to the back, soft stroking of the ears, and jubilant praise of "good girl!".
Side effects: washing the afflicted basenji will leave a big brown ring around your bathtub.