Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh... No... Toni!

Toni has done it again! And I didn't hear a thing! The little sneaky bugger ate a box of really expensive Lake Champlain chocolate truffles. Took them right off the table! And how do I know it was Toni? The guilty "I think maybe I shouldn't of done that but they were really good but you are gonna be mad and you still love me, right? mommy? please love me?" look on her face.

After talking to the vet (other than a big tummy ache) she will be fine. Thank God!

The look I was getting when I asked Toni if she ate mommy's chocolates. I can almost see the imaginary halo she is trying to create above her head. GUILTY!

The look I got from Calvin when I asked him if he ate my chocolates. Just the fact he was approaching me and not acting guilty leads me to beleive he is innocent in the missing chocolate caper.

UPDATE: 8 hours later... Toni seems o.k. other than the fact she is acting like she is on crack!!! She has bounds of energy and chased Calvin all over the house. Even after a 3 mile hike in the snow she is bouncing thru the roof and I caught her head butting Calvin trying to get him to play. Hmmm... Maybe I should swap her glycosamine pills for some good ole chocolate. ha ha kidding of course! :)