Thursday, August 4, 2011

OUCH! The senjis have the stumble-bumbles

Calvin and Toni had a stumble-bumble day today...

1. Toni got sooooooo excited when she saw a squirrel this morning that she did a sideways somersault off the ramp and landed on her side. Ouch!

2. Calvin got soooooooo excited to go back in the house (after he chased the squirrel) that in the process of jumping onto the ramp he belly flopped and hurt his "little man part". He then got hit with the door. Ouch! Ouch!

3. Each dog had a bloody paw (most likely due to stumble-bumbles #1 and #2). Triple Ouch!

4. Toni was attacked by an evil green sparkly pipe cleaner. No amount of scratching, rubbing against furniture, and head spinning could dislodge it from her collar. And to make things worse, instead of removing it I took pictures and started calling Toni "Antennae Toni", "Command Center Toni", "A,T,&T-oni", etc.

5. Toni tripped over all her feet on our walk and fell nose first into the pavement. BOOM! Ouch!

"Ground Control to Major Toni..."

"Telemarketer Toni"


  1. Too funny! Poor babies hope they are all ok. We've had days like that, last one being that Dannii fell off of the bed when he tried to jump up.

  2. All doing well and bloody paws appear clean + uninfected! :)