Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Naughty Little Girl

WOW!!! I was FLABERGASTED last night when I came home and found THIS when I opened the door. Calvin was still in his crate so I knew it wasn't him. But... Toni? My Toni? My good little well behaved girl??? Well apparently someone climbed a counter, removed the BRAND NEW UNOPENED box of Sojos, and gorged herself on both the box and the cookies!

Last night was lots of fun! Letting her in + out so she could have her late night business meetings. I just hope she got paid over time. But the best part was when I let her out this morning and Calvin went with her. Toni had some aerodynamic poopy and the look on Calvin's face was PRICELESS! He was curious, scared, and disgusted all at once! ha ha

1 comment:

  1. Sojos, YUM! I just LOVE Sojos! You go, Toni! You have very good taste in dog treats!

    Your friend, Piper