Monday, October 12, 2009

"Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!"

Poor little Toni. She didn't fall off the bed once last night. Nope, she fell off twice. And it wasn't like Happy falls as Happy has perfected the roll and thud.

Toni got creative and came up with a much more graceful and softer way to fall. First she twirled and twirled until she got my quilt tightly wrapped around her (like a bug snug in a rug). Then she slowly rolled off the bed and briefly hung off the side of my mattress like a hobo sack and then oh so serenely sunk to the floor. If I wasn't freezing and I needed the blankets back I bet Toni would have stayed on the floor in her cocoon of covers.

For Christmas I think I am going to get her and Happy "Life Alert". Seems like the only dog that doesn't get into trouble these days is my little Calvin (and that's because he is is busy eating as many sharpie markers and pants pockets as he can find). I am seriously considering getting padded walls and floors (do they even make padded floors?) for the whole house. Better yet, I can just buy a big bouncy fun house and live in there with the dogs (hmmm...but how would I keep their claws from deflating it?).

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